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No matter if your business has one employee or thousands of employees, the need for Human Resources services is essential to any business. In order to function properly and smoothly, every business needs professionals to stay on top of workforce management, track and onboard new hires, keep up with performance and compliance, and more, the list of responsibilities is long.

Businesses in New York have it even tougher when it comes to HR. In fact, according to, the average annual salary for a human resource manager is around 120k, a number that many businesses are not quite prepared or willing to invest. That's where New York Human Resource Services come into play.

With the HR professionals from EBC on your side, you can focus all your strategic time on operating your business, and leave the backend business operations to the HR experts that have been doing this for years and years.

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New York HR Services

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The Foundational HR Functions

Core HR Services

We understand the challenges that small business owners face when it comes to compliance in today's workforce. That is why our Core Level Human Resources Services Package was developed — so employers can have peace of mind knowing their employees are properly equipped and compliant with NYS labor laws. Our package includes access to an online portal of over 200 courses such as harassment prevention training along with other tools and templates necessary for managing your company’s most valuable asset - its staff! Protect yourself from any non-compliance fines or legal issues due to lack of resources… all without breaking the bank!

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HR Packages - Core

The Foundations, Enhanced For Maximum Success

Core Plus HR Services

Whether or not you are a small business owner in New York, you'll face compliance challenges. With the added struggle that larger companies go through due to expanded requirements via the size of their business, our Core HR services may not suffice. For businesses whose needs are just a bit greater, there's Core Plus, where businesses gain access to extra compliance resources and services to fit their needs. Businesses also gain extra tax, recruitment, and other HR-related services.

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HR Packages - Core Plus

All-Encompassing HR Management

The Essentials / HRO

For businesses of all sizes that want to put all their focus into their business rather than spend time on HR, there's The Essentials / HRO, HR Service Plan. With HRO, businesses can feel comfortable that their workforce is being taken care of and their business is being kept in compliance. With the Essentials, businesses get all our Core and Core Plus services, plus additional access to a plethora of HR resources ranging from leadership training and performance management to On-Site support. 

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HR Packages - Essential

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