Identify, Nurture, and Develop Top Talent

EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. offers a powerful performance management tool that allows managers to identify, nurture, and develop top talent without taking on a large administrative burden, or spending their day writing performance reviews by hand.

Tracking Employee Performance can be an extremely tedious process that many HR leaders feel can be an ineffective use of time. In order to maintain transparency, support communication, and make employees feel valued, organizations need to recognize and retain high-performing individuals in the workplace to align their business for success. 

We offer an employee performance management solution that can account for those considerations for you, as well as increase engagement and retention, tie compensation awards to employee performance, and stay on top of employee development.

Keep Your Organization Growing With Performance Management

Our employee performance management software eliminates confusing paper-based forms and streamlines review processes, allowing you to support data-driven performance and succession strategies.

Easy-to-use tools support the development of employees by assigning and completing assessments based on defined criteria and tracking goals for both individuals and groups, aligning the entire organization for success.   

Part of our complete Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, our performance management solution allows New York State businesses and beyond to quickly and easily nurture employee development so that personal growth stays top of mind for your organization without spending days at a time reviewing performance.

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New York State Employee Performance Management Solutions You Can Trust


Performance for Managers

Utilizing our performance management solution, HR and payroll professionals can eliminate periodic, back-looking performance assessments and leverage workflows to automate notifications, reminders, and approvals to keep track of performance reviews and feedback requests.     

HR professionals can use our performance management solution to make better-informed succession decisions with comprehensive workforce data by leveraging tools to help ensure that reviews are fair and consistent.

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Performance Features For Managers


Performance for Employees

Through tracking development and performance, you can improve retention and engagement by better aligning employee goals with your organization's objectives. The succession planning tool further helps develop a talent pipeline through interactive charts and graphs, helping employees move up in the organization or on to other positions.

Ensure the best-in-class employee experience by viewing and completing reviews, tracking goal progress, and reducing the risk of missing or having inconsistent performance reviews on any device, at any time. 

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Performance Features For Employees


Features of Performance

Employee performance management tools can assist in providing continuous peer feedback through custom performance reviews, ratings, and forms.  With features such as gap analysis, scenario planning, and visual drag-and-drop tools, it has never been easier to identify, nurture, and develop top talent at your organization. 

Features such as unlimited nine-box matrices, succession slates, talent pools, and 30/60/90-day reviews, can transform performance management processes and your organization into an all-in-one automated process that can be done with the push of a button.

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Performance Features Solution

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