We are committed to compliance to help your business stay current

Avoiding accidents and injuries before they happen is in the best interest of your employees, your customers, and your business. Proactive measures pay large returns in the long run.

At EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. we understand that human resources are a vital aspect of any organization and that HR personnel and business owners can become inundated by laws and regulations as they work to establish HR policies/procedures.

We are committed to compliance to help your business stay current on important annual requirements, as well as ever-changing legal updates. Our experienced and certified HR Professionals will assess current HR practices and work with you to address your business-specific questions and needs.

Onsite Safety Services

Onsite Safety Services

With our Onsite Safety Services program, we will work with you to ensure that you are providing the safest work environment for your employees and have the proper safety documentation and trainings in place. This program may include a full onsite safety evaluation, preparation of safety scorecards, and company specific documented safety plans. Our risk control assessments evaluate more than ten hot topic areas of your business:

  • Accident frequency & severity trends
  • Loss prevention direction/commitment level
  • Substance abuse prevention & control
  • Accident investigation
  • Claims management
  • Safety Plans
  • Emergency response preparedness
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Liability
  • Motor vehicle safety
  • Ergonomics