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EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. offers user-friendly and affordable timekeeping solutions to control labor costs, optimize productivity and performance, and better manage your workforce.

The total hours and pay types generated in the system download directly into our payroll software, saving valuable time compiling, transposing, and transmitting payroll data. For many of our customers, the time savings and elimination of employee “time theft” resulting from manual processes pays for our timekeeping solution itself.

We offer customizable solutions for your time and attendance software and/or hardware needs for time clock management, etc.. Our experienced staff provides onsite implementation and training to ensure a seamless and hassle-free integration and responsive ongoing support. We boast a wide range of time clocks, time clock supplies, and time and attendance systems to meet every business need. 

Save Time and Money with Our Timekeeping Solutions

Timekeeping is a time-consuming process that ultimately should be saving you time, not wasting it. How a business handles its time and labor management can be a primary driver of not just labor costs, but productivity and performance as well.

In fact, a company with just 10 employees making $15 an hour can save UP TO $3,250 annually... just by spending five minutes less on timekeeping each day...

Part of our complete Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, our timekeeping solution allows New York State businesses and beyond to simplify and automate routine tasks, including approving timesheets, correcting exceptions, responding to time-off requests, and more, ensuring controlled labor costs while maintaining productivity and minimal compliance risk.

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Timekeeping for Managers

By utilizing our timekeeping solution, managers can begin driving more efficiency in their daily routines through automated simple tasks that used to take them hours to finish. Stop worrying about compliance, employee productivity, and more, and start using a solution to manage that stuff for you.

Stay ahead of the curve with proactive solution that helps keep you align with organizational goals.

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Timekeeping Features - For Managers


Timekeeping for Employees

Perhaps what takes the most time out of your day regarding timekeeping,  are the countless requests from employees that require your personal attention. Wouldn't it be better if employees could access everything they need when they need it... from any device?

With our timekeeping solution, employees can get instant and easy access to information including timesheets, schedules, accruals, and more. 

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Timekeeping Features - For Employees


Features of Timekeeping

Time enables organizations to simplify and automate routine tasks, including approving timesheets, correcting exceptions, responding to time-off requests, and managing schedules with flexible workflows. With timekeeping, managers get a robust pay calculation engine, automated notifications, configurable reports, and real-time access to accurate time information to help you minimize compliance risk.

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Timekeeping Features - Solution

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Timekeeping Solution?

Download our complete Timekeeping Feature List, and take a look at all the features that can save you time and money while optimizing productivity and performance. 

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