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EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. offers a powerful employee scheduling tool that allows managers to quickly build employee schedules that keep productivity, preferability, and compliance all top-of-mind.

Employee scheduling is a time-consuming and draining process that when done improperly can really hurt a business's bottom line. Employee scheduling takes careful planning and consideration. Managers need to not only account for things like efficiency and productivity, but things such as availability, preference, and even compliance. 

We offer an employee scheduling solution that can account for those considerations for you, and then automatically generate best-fit schedules that not only address the needs of the company but your workforce as well

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Employee Scheduling

Our employee scheduling software automatically generates best-fit schedules based on the unique requirements of your business. Without the manual labor and time it takes to build schedules by hand, employers can continue to help control things such as labor costs, compliance risks, and productivity while spending considerably less time on the process.

Easy-to-use tools and automated workflows simplify the creation of best-fit schedules that align staffing with budget and demand, while automatic enforcement of scheduling rules and policies helps avoid employee grievances, litigation, and fines. 

Part of our complete Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, our employee scheduling solution allows New York State businesses and beyond to simplify and automate routine tasks, while empowering employees with self-service options for things such as perferability, availability, and even things such as shift swapping.

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Scheduling for Managers

When utilizing modern processes such as our employee scheduling solution, managers not only can say goodbye to time-consuming hand-written, or manually generated schedules but can actually create schedules that better benefit their business and drive their bottom line.

With our scheduling tool, managers can simply use things such as availability, shift coverage needs, preferences, performance, and more, to quickly auto-generate best-fit schedules that ensure the right employees are on the job at all times.

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Scheduling Features For Managers


Scheduling for Employees

Employee schedules aren't just the heartbeat of your business, but the first step toward avoiding things like disengagement, and employee burnout. Bad or overloaded schedules can leave workers feeling burnt out or left standing around feeling useless because too many people are on the job at once. 

Our solution creates schedules that take into account things such as availability, preferability, and shift coverage needs to ensure every worker is satisfied with their schedule. When there is an issue, employees stay empowered with self-service capability to swap shifts, pick up open ones, and alter availability and preferences. 

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Scheduling Features For Employees


Features of Scheduling

Employee scheduling features tools that can help managers control labor costs, improve the productivity of their workforce, drive employee engagement, make more informed business decisions, avoid safety violations and minimize compliance risk through faster employee scheduling processes, and auto-generated schedules that take the above into account. 

Things like coverage maps, forecasted vs. scheduled coverage tools, schedule summaries, and employee scheduling profiles transform scheduling from a time-consuming process into a productivity driver for your organization.

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Scheduling Features

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