Easing the Administrative Burden of Employee Benefits Management and Enrollment in New York and Beyond

Employee benefits are not only a "must-have" for employees, they're your chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and attract the best talent to your business.

Our benefits administration software enables you to better manage all the challenges associated with benefits administration, allowing you to offer the best possible benefits to employees without putting an increased burden on yourself. With our streamlined benefits administration solution that is designed for you and your people, benefits managers can easily plan, set up, and administer benefit offerings that have a meaningful impact on your workforce.

Ensuring that enrollment and benefits data is securely and automatically delivered to carriers for open enrollments as well as life events, our solution allows you to enjoy the confidence of knowing your data is secure and in the right place. Start providing an engaging, mobile-friendly enrollment and management experience with our benefits software today.

Manage Employee Benefits Painlessly and Efficiently

Benefits management has so many components to it, such as enrollment, plan selections, compliance, and employee changes, that, without a proper solution in place, could send your head spinning. That's why it is crucial to have a benefits solution that can help manage the process from end to end. 

Part of our complete Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, our benefits solution allows New York State businesses and beyond to ease the administrative burden, while allowing companies to offer competitive and compelling benefits. 

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New York State Benefits Solutions You Can Trust

Benefits for HR and Payroll Professionals

Benefits for Managers

By using our benefits solution as part of our complete HCM platform, HR and payroll professionals can access a single source of truth for all benefits data, easing the administrative burden, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives without dropping the ball on benefits.

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New York Benefits Management Solution for Managers

Employee-Friendly Solutions

Benefits for Employees

Employee benefits... well, it's in the name! So it is not just crucial to offer meaningful and competitive benefits, but equally important to have an employee-friendly solution that empowers your employees. Our benefits solution gives employees on-demand access to benefits information, including contributions, plan comparisons, and more, all through an easy-to-use mobile app and online self-service tools. 

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New York Benefits Management Solution for Employees

Complete & Versatile Benefits Software

Features of Benefits

Benefits administration enables you to set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plans, profiles, and types — quickly and easily — with on-demand visibility into eligibility, enrollment status, and costs across the employee base. With key features such as self-service, enhanced compliance, streamlined processes, deeper insight, and more.

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New York Benefits Management Solution Features

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