At EBC HCM, we pride ourselves not only on our ability to offer innovative workforce management solutions to meet our clients’ needs, but also on our timely, personalized, and best-in-class service.

There are hundreds of payroll and HR companies out there, all with somewhat similar tools and functions. While the best choice is still a unified, New York payroll and HR software platform (like those available through EBC), no company matches software with excellent service the same way EBC does.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing superior solutions alongside expert consulting and professional services from an experienced team of individuals who have been on your side of the fence.

Our regional client approach enables New York businesses that value local connections to receive HR support, payroll client services, parking and access control assistance, tax support, and customer service functions right from within their own communities. 

To get started or to learn more about one of our below services, contact us today.

Payroll Tax Filing Services Icon

Payroll Services & Tax Filing

With payroll software, there is no personalized service and your unique business needs are overlooked. Learn more about how EBC's New York Payroll Service can help with your payroll processing and tax filings.

New York HR Services

Human Resources Outsourcing Services

From pre-hire to retire, for businesses without an HR department or businesses that need to supplement staff to address problem areas, EBC is ready to help with customized service offerings. A wide variety of New York HR Outsourcing Services are available, from guidance to delivery to auditing.

Employee Handbook Services

Employee Handbook Services

Without a proper and compliant employee handbook, you are not only leaving your business vulnerable to huge legal trouble and penalties, but you risk the possibility of internal conflict with your employees. Thankfully EBC's employee handbook service can help with reviewing, updating, or even creating brand new handbooks for your business.

Employee Benefits Administration Services and Compliance Support Icon

Employee Benefits Administration Services

When it comes to supporting your benefit offerings and legal responsibilities, compliance is key. Our benefits and ACA services help to ensure you are up to date on what is required of you throughout evolving regulations.

Workplace Safety Services

New York Onsite Safety Services

The care and well-being of employees should be a top priority for businesses of every industry. With our  New York Safety Services program, we will work with you to ensure that you are providing the safest work environment for your employees and have the proper safety documentation and trainings in place.

New York Background Checks Services Icon

New York Background Check Services

Let EBC help with your  New York Background Checks in addition to national ones.

New York Compliance Services Icon

New York Compliance Services

As an employer, it's up to you to keep your business in compliance, unless you have compliance services at your back. With our New York Compliance Services, companies no longer need to worry about things like posting requirements and can focus on more strategic business operations.

ERTC Services

ERTC Services

EBC has already gained back hundreds of thousands of dollars for companies through employee retention credits and our ERTC services. You could be next!

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