Some Key Benefits of Our Poster Service Include...

Posting Compliance

Avoid Improper Posting

Improper posting can result in hefty fines and lawsuits or even increase the statute of limitations in a legal case

Better Legal Defense

Better Legal Defense

Communicating current employee laws and rights can strengthen an employer’s legal defense.

Easily Managed Remote Employee Notices

Stay Updated on Compliance

City and county posting requirements are increasing across the U.S. (over 100 posting updates per year).

Fine Guarantee

"'We Pay The Fine' Guarantee"

OSHA fines, workplace visits, citations, and labor law poster audits are on the rise, with over $34,000 in possible federal posting fines. Our labor law content comes backed by a $25,000 fine guarantee.


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Check out this complete overview of how our labor law poster service works. 

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