Ensure the Right Rewards are Going to the Right People

EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. offers a powerful compensation management tool that allows managers to improve efficiency by eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets and manual approval processes.

Managing compensation can be laborious and time-intensive. Using unwieldy spreadsheets, manual approval workflows, and exchanging worksheets via email is inefficient and increases the likelihood of errors.

We offer an employee compensation management solution that can account for those considerations for you, as well as minimize the risk of error in data entry, reduce administrative burdens, improve corporate governance, and provide greater control of your compensation spending.

Keep Your Employees Engaged With Compensation Management

Our employee compensation management software eliminates cumbersome spreadsheets and manual processes, all while enhancing data accuracy, promoting fairer allocation of rewards, and affording greater oversight of compensation expenditure.  

Easy-to-use tools provide better visibility into all phases of the compensation management process through merit matrices linked to performance, ensuring the right rewards are going to the right people. 

Part of our complete Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, our compensation management solution allows New York State businesses and beyond to quickly and easily optimize their compensation budget to support the objectives of their organization.

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for Managers

By leveraging our compensation management solution, HR and payroll professionals can ditch spreadsheets and manual processes, while optimizing compensation budgets to allow for the proper support of different objectives.        

HR professionals can use our compensation management solution to craft compensation decisions according to your organizational standards, utilizing adaptable merit matrices, eligibility criteria, budgets, and planning documents.

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Compensation Features for Managers


for Employees

Empower employees by providing increased transparency into compensation decisions, allowing them to align their personal goals with the compensation objectives of the organization.

Reduce the risk of sensitive compensation information falling into the wrong hands while offering visibility into compensation reports, trends, and budget data on any device.

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Compensation Features For Employees


Features of Compensation Management

Employee compensation management tools can assist in setting up annual or non-annual compensation cycles quickly, with simple and user-friendly planning worksheets.   

Features such as merit matrices linked to performance, focal, non-focal, and off-cycle planning, and multicurrency support can revolutionize compensation management processes for your organization with a streamlined, automated system. 

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Compensation Features Solution

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