Benefits for HR and Payroll Professionals

HR for Managers

By using our human resources solution as part of our complete HCM platform, HR and payroll professionals can access a single source of truth for all employee information and data, while automating key functions and processes saving them a crucial amount of time. Our solution allows managers to streamline routine tasks, provide a best-in-class employee experience, and make more informed business decisions through comprehensive reports and key analytics.

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New York HR Solution for Managers


HR for Employees

The worst part about manually managing HR processes is dealing with the countless employee requests. Getting back to your workers and processing their requests can take up a lot of if not all of your time. Our solution provides easy self-service and employee access so that your employees have everything they need at their fingertips, from any device.

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New York HR Solution for Employees


Features of HR

HR allows businesses to streamline HR tasks through tools such as custom workflows, checklists, forms, and more while keeping all employee data in one place. Manage employees from pre-hire to retire with onboarding and offboarding tools, while ultimately providing a positive employee experience with self-service options.

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New York HR Solution Features

Streamline HR Processes and Ease the Administrative Burden of Human Resources

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