Evolution vs. UKG: Which HR and Payroll Solution is Best for Your Business?

Human capital management is one of the most important elements in a company. Making sure everything runs properly and efficiently is essential in the growth of both your employees and company as a whole. EBC is here to help assist you in finding what HR and payroll solution would best suit you. We offer two solutions, Evolution and UKG. Learn more below about which service would suit you better!

Evolution HCM is now an Asure Company Offerings: 

1. Human Management Software: create job postings, track applicants, onboard employees, manage
benefits, track performance, and more. This HR software is for small to medium sized businesses that helps you manage all elements of your business.

2. Software delivered in the cloud: There is no cost associated with IT support. Evolution software also has the capacity to scale as your business grows without expensive upgrades.

3. Payroll and tax solutions: Evolution’s payroll and tax solutions relieve the burden of payroll so you can focus on growth. Automate and outsource the complex management of wages, direct deposit, tax codes, and all payroll and tax functions to ensure you remain compliant.

4. Time and attendance tracking: All of Evolution’s time collection methods seamlessly integrate with the time and attendance software so employers can capture productivity trends to inform better business decisions. Businesses can use one method or multiple methods for employees to track their time.

Welcome to UKG offerings: 

1. UKG Pro: UKG Pro helps you expand your HCM capabilities with deeper operational insights, transformative HR capabilities, and payroll and workforce management. UKG Pro offers effortless time solutions, engaging talent solutions, streamlined HR service delivery technology, survey technology, workforce intelligence, cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, and mobile app access.

2. Mobile App Access: The mobile app offers multiple capabilities that make for a much easier work day. Some of those including clocking in and out, assigning tasks, requesting shift coverage, and more.

3. UKG Ready: UKG ready offers flexible and seamless HR solutions. It includes, human resources management, workforce management, payroll management, analytics, experience and security. Each of these services provide a faster solution that keeps you organized and benefits performance

4. Employee Self Service: UKG's employee self service options assists in making human resources management so much easier. Your business will no longer have to worry about small admin tasks that take up important hours of your day. 


Having EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. on your team allows you to move forward with confidence, knowing that we’re doing right by your employees, doing right by you, and it’s all being done in accordance with all the latest rules, regulations, and laws. Our philosophy is to provide a comprehensive, wide range of services to all our clients.

For more information regarding Tax/Banking and Payroll Services provided by EBC, please reach out to Mark Terry, Business Development Consultant at 716.998.4404 or mterry@ebchcm.com and/or Charles Bagley, Sr. Human Capital Management Business Consultant at 716.574.9947 or cbagley@ebchcm.com

Source: UKG Blog and Asure Blog