Recruitment Tips

Recruitment Tips for Hiring Managers

Recruitment can be overwhelming and highly competitive these days. Businesses are searching for ways to stand out from the crowd and continue to attract the best talent. With competition for talent stronger than ever, here are some recruiter tips and tricks for hiring managers to use.

Hiring Tips and Good Recruitment Practices for Hiring Managers

Employers often ask themselves, “How can we be competitive in recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent in today’s environment?” The answer is to catch the eyes of potential candidates!

While there are good recruitment strategies to follow in order to find the best talent, there are so many small things that can be done that can enhance and take your recruitment process to that next level.

Here are some valuable recruitment tips that can help your business stand out to candidates during the hiring process:

Tell a Compelling Story

Why is your organization unique from competitors and other businesses in your area? Is it your culture, the team-oriented focus, and flexible work-life balance? Whatever it may be, companies should consider leading conversations by telling candidates about their organization authentically and transparently. Candidates want to know they are part of something and can make a difference, whether for the company itself, a great team, or their community.

Keep it Simple

Candidates are much more resistant to applying for a position when multiple steps are required. While the information, forms, and tools used in recruiting are critical in learning about your candidate to ensure they fit your organization, a cumbersome process can be a big turnoff. EBC recommends making the overall application and interview process as easy as possible for a candidate and limiting the steps with a focus on efficiency.

Tap into the Untapped Market

Traditional job paths no longer exist. Candidates come from many diverse backgrounds and industries. Companies should continuously focus on training “green” talent in 2023 and beyond. “Green” talent is those looking for work that fills a desire to take action that makes a difference, transforming the environment, improving energy consumption, and giving back to the community. There can be numerous advantages to this, including:

    • Higher retention and engagement rates in the long term.
    • Larger candidate pool to select from.
    • Lower cost-to-hire on average.
    • Faster time-to-hire.

Be Innovative

Find new ways to reach candidates and conduct interviews. The recent pandemic has shown that discussions no longer need to be traditionally facilitated and can be done in new ways, such as through video conference calls. Consider texting candidates, utilizing job fairs, working with local small business associations to cross-promote open roles, building a referral program or alumni network, or even attracting talent directly from college. All of these can have an impact on attracting quality talent.

Have Effective Job Descriptions

Job descriptions detail the expectations of the job and what is expected of the candidate. Job descriptions should be written to attract suitable candidates, provide clarity about the position, and avoid confusion about what the role entails. An adequate job description can help organizations comply with employment laws and lead to greater job satisfaction and employee retention. EBC does offer job description review and development. If you are interested in having job descriptions reviewed and updated, please reach out to your HR Advisor and HR Generalist for more information or email us at


In candidate-driven marketplaces, compensation is the primary motivator for attracting top talent to your organization. Candidates typically are focused on how much they will earn before they are willing to entertain a conversation, let alone apply for your role. 

With competitive compensation being a critical factor in a candidate’s job search, employers need to review wages for compliance with FLSA requirements and conduct a compensation analysis of the positions within the organization.

Compensation analyses give insight into external competitiveness to help organizations keep up with job market trends in their industry. 

Additionally, regarding compensation, please remember that New York State Pay Transparency laws were enacted on September 17, 2023. Employers with four (4) or more employees must disclose the compensation or compensation range in any advertisement for a job, promotion, or transfer opportunity

Get Help with Compensation Management and Offerings

If you are interested in EBC’s Compensation Analysis Services or have any questions about Pay Transparency, please get in touch with your EBC HR Advisor and HR Generalist or email us at Please note that Compensation Analysis Services are included in our HR Essential Package.

Get Help with Recruitment and Retention

Businesses need to not only find and recruit the best talent, but they need to ensure that they follow tips for employee retention to avoid having top talent leave for another business.

If you are struggling with your recruitment and retention strategies, it may be worth reaching out to an HR Outsourcing Company for help.

Contact us today to learn more about how EBC can help with recruitment and retention.

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