New York State Minimum Wage 2023 / 2024: Everything You Need to Know

All workers in New York state are entitled to receive an hourly Minimum Wage rate according to New York Labor Laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This Minimum Wage requirement includes workers across the hospitality industry, such as fast food workers, nail salon workers, tipped workers, and more.

Updated: October 12, 2023

In areas outside New York City, Long Island County and Westchester County, the current 2023 New York State Minimum Wage is $14.20 per hour. The minimum wage went into effect on 12/31/2022. The new minimum wage is an increase of 7.5% above the previous New York State Minimum Wage of $13.20, which was effective from 12/31/2021 - 12/30/2022.

The 2023 minimum wage for New York City, Long Island County and Westchester County remains unchanged at $15.00 per hour.

New York State Minimum Wage 2024

Governor Hochul has announced that New York State’s hourly minimum wage will continue to increase beginning on January 1, 2024 through 2026. In the announcement, it was confirmed that the New York State minimum wage in 2025 and 2026 will increase by an additional $0.50.

New York State Minimum Wage for 2024 is $16.00 per hour for New York City, Long Island County, and Westchester County as of January 1st, 2024, and $15.00 per hour for the remainder of the state

While nothing has yet been announced regarding new minimum wages for tipped employees, employers should note that previously required cash wages and tip credits were equal to the regular minimum wage in each respective location. This will likely be the same for 2024.

New York Minimum Wage Schedule

Location Minimum Wage as of 12/31/2022 Minimum Wage as of 01/01/2024 Tipped Service Employees Tipped Food Service Workers

New York City

$15.00 $16.00

$12.50 Cash Wage

$2.50 Tip Credit

$10.00 Cash Wage

$5.00 Tip Credit

Long Island & Westchester $15.00 $16.00

$12.50 Cash Wage

$2.50 Tip Credit

$10.00 Cash Wage

$5.00 Tip Credit

Remainder of New York State Workers $14.20 $15.00

As of 12/31/2022

$11.85 Cash Wage
$2.35 Tip Credit

As of 12/31/2022

$9.45 Cash Wage
$4.75 Tip Credit


New York State Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers 

As a reminder, fast food workers are defined differently than other food service workers. True fast-food employees are on a different schedule for raises and already earn a minimum of $15.00 per hour everywhere in the state. Currently, no changes will occur to the fast-food minimum wage rate. For more information, visit the New York Department of Labor by clicking here.

The Minimum Wage rate varies depending on region and is increasing every year until it reaches $15.00. To find out what wage you should be earning, use the Minimum Wage Lookup Tool.

To learn more about processing payroll in New York, click here

Special Rules for Tipped Workers

New York employers should also be aware of special rules for tipped employees regarding minimum wage in New York. These rules cover tip credits, the minimum credit amount, and when credits may be used.

Preparing for the New York Minimum Wage Change

If the business you work in is located in New York State, specifically, outside of New York City, Long Island County or Westchester County, it is going to need to prepare for an increase in the minimum wage. If the company has a number of workers at the minimum wage, it will experience a rise in staffing costs, which can be disruptive to business operations if unprepared. Here are some things the business should do to prep for the change:

Review & Update Budgets - One of the first things to prepare for in advance of the minimum wage change is the staffing and operating budget. Will the business need to trim headcount? Will it need to rely more on part time workers? Will it have to stay closer to timesheets to reduce overtime? 

Review HCM Technology Solutions - Put simply, an all-in-one payroll and HR solution that handles HCM needs end-to-end is more efficient for employers and employees alike. If your company is currently operating payroll, timekeeping and HR in disparate software, it makes it much more challenging to ensure compliance and manage a budget effectively. 

Review & Document Policies - Employees should be able to review and comprehend company policies anytime they need to. This is especially true for changes that affect them directly and immediately, such as a change to minimum wage. Anytime a major change is coming down the pipeline, it's a good time to review documented company policies and procedures to ensure they're up-to-date, clear and comprehensive. 

Get Help with New York Minimum Wage Compliance

Managing compliance with minimum wage might seem simple, but in a state like New York with varying rules depending on industry and locality, it can get complicated. Companies that fall out of compliance may find themselves facing serious New York labor law penalties and fines.

Employers who are struggling with minimum wage compliance in New York should consider reaching out to a New York Payroll Provider for assistance, or modern payroll software

To see how EBC is already helping countless businesses manage minimum wage compliance in New York, contact us today. 

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